You must have a Condo Insurance in Naples

The proper insurance is critical for those that own or are looking to own a condominium However, understanding how condo insurance in Naples works is not always a straightforward process.

To protect the whole investment, condo owners must purchase condo insurance that works in conjunction with a condo association or corporation’s master policy. Condo owners often wrongly assume they do not need coverage because their condo corporation already has a policy.

To avoid losing your belongings and your money, purchase condo insurance to protect yourself. Figuring out who owes what in the case of an accident can be challenging due to the number of people involved with the property (renters, buyers, owners of the buildings itself). Experience as an Insurance company in Naples allows us to understand who is liable for damages in the case of an unfortunate event.

Here’s why Condo Insurance in Naples in important:

  • Contents or personal property. Condo policies will often protect personal property such as clothing, appliances and furniture.
  • Additional living expenses. In the event of an insured loss that leaves your condo unit uninhabitable, condo policies may provide policyholders with funds over and above the normal cost of living. This coverage is essential, as condo owners will need a place to live if their unit is ever uninhabitable.
  • Third-party liability. Condo policies can provide coverage for your personal liability for any bodily injury or property damage unintentionally caused to others.
  • Improvements and betterments. Condo policies provide coverage for any upgrades to your unit (e.g., adding in custom hardwood flooring or custom counters). This coverage is available whether the improvements were made by you or previous owners of your unit.
  • Loss assessments. In the event that your condo corporation’s insurance fails to provide adequate coverage, loss assessment protection kicks in. This protection helps insure common property and liability.

If you have just bought a condo, rented a condo, or even if you’ve been living in a condo for a while in Naples, please give Ackerman Insurance a call. We can help you purchase the condo insurance in Naples you need and find the peace of mind you deserve.

Select the right insurance policy and make sure your possessions and property are covered. Ackerman Insurance Services will help you choose the condo insurance policy that fits you best. Go ahead and contact us with any condo insurance concerns you may have.