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Florida’s numerous inland, canal and coastline waters are home to a wide variety of watercraft.   At this time, Florida does not require boat insurance, although in some situations, such as acquiring a loan for a boat, or intending to take a boat out of state, boat insurance may be needed.  Given the Coast Guard statistics showing boat collisions have dramatically increased in recent years, boat insurance is increasingly viewed not only as a sound idea, but a necessity to protect your investment.  In the business of protecting our valued customers’ boat investments since 1991 in Naples, and Palm Beach Gardens, Ackerman insurance Services is poised to work with your watercraft insurance needs, providing competitive, cost effective and individualized protective coverage.

Why we need boat or yatch insurance?

Increasingly, boat insurance is covering not only collisions, but also repairs and protection for theft.  The high maintenance required for high value boats drives the need for insurance coverage for repairs.  The quality experience Ackerman insurance specialists have in meeting and exceeding these significant needs for boat owners ensures that their customers receive competitive, protective and customer-specific comprehensive insurance coverage.  Ackerman Insurance Services can also help customers understand that repairs and coverage are also important during off seasons, when repair needs are often discovered.

Who offers best boat insurance?

Sadly, recent news media views of boats being damaged and smashed into shorelines highlight the need for not only extensive repairs, but also towing to facilities where repairs can be made.  The high wind conditions Hurricane Nicole delivered to Florida’s coastlines wreaked extensive damage to boats as well as other vehicles and structures.  The experienced team at Ackerman Insurance Services understands the gut-wrenching needs these storms deliver and stand ready to help secure protective coverage for their valued customers.

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