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It’s easy to get confused with the many life insurance options out there, which is why you put your trust in a proven life insurance provider such as the professionals at Ackerman Insurance Services.  In business in Naples and Palm Beach Gardens Florida areas since 1991, they understand the various life insurance policy specifics and the Florida insurance market.   One size does not fit all; you need to make your needs heard by experienced leaders in the life insurance business to help fit your life insurance coverage to your unique needs.  Your peace of mind about protection for your loved ones or business after you are no longer able to do so in life is important to us.

Term life insurance is the most common life insurance in Florida; it pays out a financial death benefit you have determined will be needed for your beneficiaries after your demise.  You typically pay monthly premiums for this death benefit over a period of many years.  It’s a one-time payout, which you likely will determine with input from your loved ones and work out specifics with your provider.  Permanent life insurance pays lifelong benefits to your designated individuals.  Plans can be varied but will usually entail a cash value component.  Ackerman Insurance Services agents are skilled in helping put your plans into motion and have trusted carriers (link) such as Citizens, Progressive, Allied Insurance, and more.

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Whether you need to replace needed income to your beneficiaries or fund payouts for loss of a business partner, payoff college tuitions or simply want to provide for the future unknowns, talk to the top-rated agents at Ackerman insurance Services.  They stand ready to help you secure the life insurance protection you desire for loved ones and/or other beneficiaries.


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