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As a Florida resident, you are not required to have flood insurance, but in a state surrounded by water on three sides, flood insurance is close to a necessity!  Homeowners can experience costly damages to their properties and belongings when flooding occurs, especially if flood damage mitigation is not started promptly.  With the recent Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, the overwhelming number of those affected by flood damage was significant.  Great flood insurance protection can help minimize your wait for help and any needed repairs.  The experienced flood insurance team at Ackerman Insurance Services stands ready to help ensure you are well-protected if in a known flood plain, and understand what your protection covers.

Flood Insurance Naples, Palm Beach Gardens FL, Southwest Florida

If you have a home or business in a high-risk flood area with a mortgage underwritten by a government-backed lender, you will have to have flood insurance.   Don’t assume that most homeowner policies include flood insurance, as most do not.  It can, however, be factored into your policy in a cost-effective mannerAckerman Insurance Services is committed to helping reduce the gap between those living in known flood high risk areas with those having premium flood insurance protection.

Whether you own a property or rent, such as in a condo, the risk and need for flood insurance protection is the same and should be part of your overall property insurance package.  Basically all of Florida is in a flood zone, with the average height above sea level only 6-7 feet.   Do not wait until a severe storm or hurricane is on the radar; get the competitively priced protection you need from the trusted team at Ackerman Insurance Services!


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