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Sometimes we just must accept that no matter how carefully we have planned for “any and all situations,” an accident or damage you incurred happens, and your homeowners or auto policy only covers so far.  What do you do?  The knowledgeable, realistic Ackerman Insurance Services team understands the unforeseen circumstances that can happen to their customers.  They will encourage their valued customers to consider a personal umbrella insurance policy to cover those expenses over and above what their regular homeowners and auto policies will cover.  Provide for that rainy day occurrence?  Yes – that will be the sound advice given by our trusted team.  We never want our valued customers to suffer catastrophic losses.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Naples FL & Palm Beach Gardens

A personal umbrella insurance policy kicks in for many common situations, such as payments for medical bills for someone hurt at your home, or property damage to another’s property or a payout for a settlement involving an accident that occurs on your property.  Personal umbrella insurance will also help cover lawsuits that seek damages over and above what your auto or homeowners’ insurance policies cover.  Protecting yourself against these large claims against your liability coverage is essential in minimizing your losses.

We all value what we have worked hard for, and the thought of being wiped out by a personal liability claim exceeding the limits of your homeowners or auto policy is crushing.  Get the protection you need from the trusted professionals at Ackerman Insurance Services, to attain that needed peace of mind in protecting your assets.


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