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The Ackerman Insurance team have an over 3 decades long proven track record in providing our Naples and Palm Beach Gardens areas’ customers with premier condo insurance from the best carriers (link to carriers’ page), such as Travelers, Nationwide, etc.  In a state filled with condos and the natural disasters that can affect condo residents, having a tailored plan for your condo is essential.  Condominium insurance is not mandated in Florida but is required by lenders if you have a mortgage.  Understanding what the condo association coverage entails is important, as different condo complexes may have different coverages available for their individual condo owners.  Blanket coverage for any given condo complex may fall far short of what individual condo owners my require.

Hurricane/windstorm, fire and flood protection are important coverages to have in Florida.  News media provided constant coverage of the flooding and damage done in the recent Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, but by no means were they the first nor will they be last to hit Florida!  Coverage for the contents of your condo unit is also important, as condo complexes will have varying policies on what contents they cover within individual units.  Personal property coverage, for example, can be purchased to the extent an individual condo owner desires, which is usually more than what a condo association might cover.

Other coverages to consider are personal liability coverage, for help if accidentally damaging another’s property or person, and relocation coverage, if needing to be out of your condo for any needed repairs from catastrophic damage.   Insurance can be purchased for medical bills coverage in the event of accidental injury to another person on your property.  Ackerman Insurance Services experts will work with you at every step to identify your significant risk factors and specific coverage needs to avoid catastrophic loss should disaster strike.


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