Is Own Damage Insurance Mandatory in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

Car insurance in Florida in indispensable. However, Own Damage Insurance is not mandatory in Palm Beach Gardens. It is also known as the collision insurance and is popularly known as the own damage theft.

Own damage car insurance application is limited only for the in-transit vehicle that meets an untoward accident while on the road. To clearly illustrate it, it includes two (2) insurance coverage that include the following:

  1. The loss of car parts or damage due to a car accident;
  2. Car explosion or fire damage to the car.

However, the claim to the insurance due to the circumstances mentioned above have exceptions: 

  1. A claim is not allowed if the accident happened if the vehicle did not traverse the road or highway
  2. When your personal belongings inside the car get lost due to burglary;
  3. When the damage is caused by the natural event like the fortuitous event;
  4. Claims against the burglary of personal properties or belongings inside the car.

Basically, Florida law does not require the above insurance because it only requires two (2) insurances, to wit:

  1. Personal Injury Protection (PIP); and
  2. Property Damage Liability (PDL).

On top of this, Florida is a no-fault insurance state that means it is not important who is at fault during the occurrence of the accident because the insurance company is mandated to facilitate the corresponding claim.

The reason why the Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability are deemed important even on the application of the no-fault insurance policy is to provide a claim for the medical expenses during the hospitalization or loss of income as the effect of the accident as far as the former is concerned. While the latter may only apply when the accident will cause damage to the third (3rd) party’s car in a collision that usually covers the car repair damages.

To reiterate and by contrast, Florida does not require collision insurance as part of the automobile insurance policy under the law.

By contrast to PIP and PDL coverages, Florida motorists are not required to carry collision insurance as a part of their automobile insurance policies under Florida law.

But why Own Damage Insurance is considered important? It is because it reduces the risk to be suffered by the vehicle owner in case an accident happens.

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