Importance of Having a Life Insurance Policy

As the saying goes, ‘Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain,’ holds to its essence. We live by each moment, and moments change as time goes by. The same holds for money. The next thing you may know you are rich and after moments you are poor.

Financial advisors recommend life insurance as part of your essential financial plan. For most people, life insurance is considered as safety nets against life’s unexpected twist and turns. Sad to say, life insurance is given by most companies to their employees who unwillingly and unknowingly being deducted from their salaries. The big question now is life insurance important?

Below are some reasons why life insurance policy is important:

Reason No 1:

You will have comfort and peacefulness for your family when the time would come if you ‘expire’. Funeral and burial costs can be a big financial burden for the grieving family, so why would you add more pain and sadness for your loved ones especially even at your ‘expiration’.

Reason No 2:

It can help sustain financially the family in their everyday needs especially if the wife has no other means of livelihood. Enough to provide the expenses for the daily cost of living and give more time for the family to get back to their feet to cope with their lives.

Reason No 3:

Life insurance gives lump-sum benefits to give extra more income in paying off the old family debts even enough to settle the mortgage where there is no need to sell the house and lot.

Reason No 4:

Considering the life insurance coverage is much bigger in the amount it can also provide as your family’s inheritance assets. If the family doesn’t have any other inheritance assets, it can serve to cover your future children’s expenses like a quality college education, marriage expenses or even starting up a family business of their own.

Reason No 5:

Most life insurance gives out the cash value. It is where a fraction of paid premiums can be set apart and either the interest that had piled up or market invested. You can take on a loan from that cash value or for safe-keeping purposes as an end-of-life payout.

Reason No 6:

Fortunately, insurance payouts are usually free from taxes. The Internal Revenue Service has no jurisdiction to life insurances in general. As per law, life insurance proceeds to a beneficiary gets due to the death of the insured person is not included in the gross income report upon paying your taxes.

Reason No 7:

Other insurance companies give their clients the benefit of adjusting the benefits of the policy either increasing or decreasing in the future. This means you can make your coverage higher to gain more benefits or decrease the coverage to make use of other emergency options.

Reason No 8:

To gain more clients some companies give discounts like so-called multi-policy discounts. This is for enticing the husband to make a joint policy with the spouse at a lesser price and to save also the hassles of burdensome paperwork.

Basically, life insurance provides more financial protection for life’s uncertainties. One’s life fate cannot be pre-determined nor be predicted for its outcome. Eventually, everybody dies and only life insurance can provide extra protection for your loved ones and can give you peace of mind.

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