Colliers Flood Zones Changing

New flood maps mean changes in how much Collier County homeowners will pay for flood insurance – and will affect whether or not flood insurance is needed.
Bo Thorne has lived in his Naples home for more than 30 years.
He and the house have made it through several storms without flood insurance.
“We don’t live in a flood zone,” said Thorne.
But according to a new Collier County flood map, he and his neighbors do live in a flood zone.
“I didn’t know that,” said Olga Blanco.
For the first time in 7 years, the flood map is changing and your property might be affected.
On the old map, FEMA only took into consideration storm surge, but the new map considers rainfall.
Depending on where your property is the map changes could either cost you more or save you money because your insurance rates will change.
If you own property in a high-risk zone and have a mortgage, you’ll have to buy flood insurance.
“Those that make these laws are probably unfamiliar with our neighborhood and have no idea what happens when it rains here,” said Thorne.
“No matter what you may think, is the house is going to flood or not, if it’s shown as being in flood hazard area and if you have federal dollars attached to your house, by law you are required to have flood insurance,” said Project Manager Robert Wiley.
Some areas have been downgraded to less risk and will pay less.
The county wants you to know where you stand and says if you need insurance get it before it’s too late.
“You can get it yourself or your lending company will purchase it for you,” said Wiley.
If you are in high hazard need to have flood insurance by May 16.

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