How Has Drunk Driving Affect Car Accident Victims in Naples, Fl

Drunk driving is a complex case where it involves both a civil indictment & criminal prosecution.

Mishaps involving car accidents could destroy one’s life or worse people get disabled or killed due to drunk driving. The occurrence of this tragic incident is devastating to both the victim and his family, thus, it should seriously be given utmost attention.

If you are experiencing this burden, you are in dire need to get hold of a professional and proficient car accident attorney.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that lots of people die in alcohol-impaired driving crashes that accounted for one-third census of all traffic-related death in the entire country. The statistics released by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles holds the same illustration as to how prevalent the problem of drunk driving is.

The concept to be observed is when a person opts to drive when intoxicated, it would already deem a reckless decision that will surely endanger other people on the road. This is considered a negligent act and negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care while driving. In short, there is a degree of precaution that should be applied when a person decides to drive and that should be aligned to the diligence of a good father of a family principle.

There are measurements, which could illustrate that the driver is negligent in case of accident occurrence and these the establishments of the elements enumerated below:

  • The driver owed the victim a duty to exercise reasonable care while driving
  • The driver breached that duty
  • The victim suffered harm as a direct result of the driver’s breach
  • Quantifiable damages were incurred

The basic ground for the above-cited elements is the inherent obligation of everyone to avoid the posing of foreseeable risks to harm or injure others. This guiding principle of a prudent person will most likely provide a valuable standard to prevent the breach of duty. As a measure to double-check the action, it should be in line with the argument that the accident would not have happened if the driver is not drunk.

On the other hand, if the act of negligence is established, the case will now have the probable cause to prosper against the negligent driver for the reparation of damages and other pertinent compensation such as but not limited to the recovery of medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost income, and benefits, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, property damage, and any other costs arising out from the drunk driving accident.

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