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Ackerman Insurance Services – One Stop Shopping for All Personal & Business Insurance Needs!
Naples, Florida & Palm Beach Gardens, Florida & Surrounding Areas

Providing all insurance services our customers desire and need is what we do, simply, affordably and promptly.

  • Our successes in helping our valued customers achieve top tier protection in planning for any unforeseen damage to their property or mitigating any losses to the home and property they value are well known. Should disaster strike, Ackerman Insurance Services Homeowners Insurance will help customers find an acceptable new normal and peace of mind with their home when needing to pick up the pieces and move forward.
  • Auto Insurance offers top-rated auto and/or motorcycle comprehensive and collision protection plans with trusted carriers. Many options for coverage are available to suit individual needs, including specialty and custom autos. Person injury protection and property damage liability coverage limits are key Florida requirements.
  • The natural disasters Florida experiences make Flood Insurance a necessity. Whether you live in a separate home or in a condo complex, do not assume your coverage includes the flood insurance protection you would need for your property. The experienced flood insurance professionals at Ackerman Insurance Services can help tailor your needs to an affordable plan.
  • Our Florida hurricanes and windstorms cause as much damage to boats as they do to other properties and should be covered under the premier comprehensive and collision Boat Insurance plans offered by Ackerman insurance Services. Increasing incidence of boat collisions and theft in Florida also make boat insurance a necessity.
  • Condo Insurance has become a necessity given the significant damages all homes experience from hurricanes, flooding, fire, etc. Understanding what the condo association will cover for each unit is key, and most condo owners realize additional protection is needed for their own individual property.
  • No-fault laws apply only to auto owners in Florida. Motorcycle owners are encouraged to obtain Motorcycle Insurance coverage for personal injury and medical payment protection as well as uninsured motorist coverage, to protect against any catastrophic losses.
  • Your peace of mind in planning for your loved ones or business after you are no longer alive to do so can be best accomplished with the highly rated Life Insurance plans offered by Ackerman Insurance Services Life Insurance agents. We tailor to your specific needs – 100% of the time!
  • To plan for those unforeseen circumstances that could cause you catastrophic losses has become increasingly necessary. Ackerman Insurance Services can provide our valued customers with the Personal Umbrella Insurance that will help lessen any personal liability losses not covered by your homeowners or auto policy.
  • The increasing liability protection needed by commercial/business entities needs to be tailored to business specific needs. Ackerman Insurance Services Commercial Insurance plans are based on each commercial entity’s risk profile and business needs. Business income protection has become increasingly important given the massive destruction from recent hurricanes, causing significant periods of business closures.

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